In building a new school, our School Board has the opportunity to shape the leadership, culture and direction of St George College from the outset.

It is our intent to create a holistic educational environment where students will be uniquely prepared for secondary school by developing faith-based values and experiencing a rich curriculum, stimulating co-curricular activities and Hellenic culture, supported throughout the community.

As part of The Greek Community of St George, the Christian Orthodox faith will play an important role in underpinning the foundations of our college.

Our teaching pedagogy will focus on four main tenets:
  1. Empowering students with challenging and relevant learning experiences so they develop intellectual capacity, creative and critical thinking and foster a growth mindset to becoming thought leaders of the future.
  2. Providing cultural, spiritual and social connections to enhance students sense of individuality, belonging and understanding of self.
  3. Giving students opportunities to reflect, stretch and overcome challenges so they develop confidence and resilience.
  4. Nurturing values and guided behaviours in students so they can grow in social awareness, self-discipline, respect and kindness.

St George College Prospectus
Access and read the St George College Prospectus here. It provides an outline to the reason for establishment and everything the College proposes to offer.

Our College Vision

St George College will provide a holistic education, where students can thrive, grow and serve their community with a worldview shaped by Hellenic culture and the Orthodox faith.

Our College Goals

Improving educational outcomes for all young Australians is central to the nation’s social and economic prosperity and will position young people to live fulfilling, productive and responsible lives. Our College has two distinct but interconnected goals drawn from the 2019 Alice Springs Education Declaration:


The Australian education system promotes excellence and equity.


All young Australians become: – Confident and creative individuals – Successful lifelong learners – Active and informed members of the community.

Our College Mission

St George College prepares and empowers young learners with the motivation for life-long learning; the willingness to serve others and to serve God’s world in the local and global community; the ability to work hard for success; and the development of good character.

The specific intentions of St George College are:

  1. To provide high quality education, focusing on academic rigour, excellence and achievement;
  2. To educate children in the Christian Orthodox faith;
  3. To educate children in the Modern Greek language;
  4. To provide learning for students in Hellenic culture, traditions and values so that Hellenic history and heritage may be celebrated, preserved and passed on to future generations;
  5. To provide a local independent co-educational primary school in the South Brisbane area; and
  6. To provide an educational opportunity tailored to cater for the holistic needs of the Greater Brisbane Community.

Our Values

The College’s values are grounded in the Christian Orthodox faith. Our values below will guide our teaching and learning community:

  • Excellence
  • Spirituality
  • Community
  • Growth
  • Kindness
  • Discipline

View full values here.

Express interest for enrolment

We are calling for interested families to nominate expressions of interest for their child for a P-6 enrolment.

Express interest for enrolment

We are calling for interested families to nominate expressions of interest for their child for a P-6 enrolment.